About Us

IMG_6193We have been over the road trucking for three generations.  My Grandfather owned and operated his company under ICC authority and suffered through deregulation and kept on trucking.  His company and JB Hunt were main carriers in the United States at that time.  My mother and father, Joe and Linda Rouse, began their own tanker company in Oklahoma before moving to Missouri and beginning JemmCo, an OTR reefer business.  Today, I have taken over the family business and operate Perfect Timing Transportation.  We have had employees and drivers make a career with us for over a decade.  As a driver stated, Perfect Timing Transportation is an ideal place to “hang your hat” and call home.


IMG_6212Good fortune has allowed me to run a successful legal practice in Springfield, Missouri before becoming the President of Perfect Timing Transportation.  I have seen the benefits of professionalism.  Our drivers are encouraged to be professional in all their dealings and work.  I am very proud to be a part of this professional team.  We have low turnover, focused on our CSA score, and offer a positive work environment motivated by our families.



IMG_6222We are a small company where we know you by voice when you call in. We communicate. We work together. We get the job done very well. What makes this place a great place? Just call me, not a recruiter, and I will be happy to discuss it. Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to speaking with you.IMG_6211

– Justin Rouse